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Make your online lessons awesome 🤩
Thinkio is a simple tool to help teachers share, view and mark interactive worksheets in online lessons.

Step 1: Upload your worksheet (pdf, png, jpg or tiff files supported)

Step 2: Share the link with your students

Step 3: Your worksheet is instantly interactive



How to use Thinkio in an online lesson
Learn how to upload, share, view and mark student's work.
Can students save their progress?
Absolutely! Students just need to click the 'save' button.
They can also keep track of their worksheet links by clicking the 'email' button. They'll receive the link in their inbox and can view or continue their work anytime.
If students want a PDF of a worksheet, they can download it using their browser's print function.
Can teachers mark a student's work?
As soon as a student saves their work, it is automatically available for you to view and mark in your worksheet library under 'student submissions'.
Students will also be able to see all saved changes made by teachers.
How long do the links stay active?
A Thinkio link will stay active for as long as you keep the worksheet in your library. This means students can easily work on Thinkio worksheets outside of lesson time. If you don't want students to be able to access a worksheet anymore, simply delete it from your library. 
Need more info? Drop us an email.
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